Spray Painting – Resurfacing – Refinishing

Car workshop and spray painting experts

We have 15 years of experience in the automotive spray painting and refinishing industry, we offer a spray painting, polishing and light fabrication service to all parts, items, projects and creations. We can fabricate/modify plastic and metal items to achieve a desired effect or design, smooth, prime and paint to the required specification.

On-Site Experts & Services

We have a fully extracted paint shop with all necessary equipment to ensure your part or project leaves our workshop in the finest possible condition. We can match most existing colours, apply multiple layered colours or create custom designs to ensure your project is unique. Designs or patterns can be achieved upon request, however this will require consultation.

Repair & Maintenance Services

We can Repair and Paint almost anything including – Car parts, Motorbike Parts, Bumpers, Wheels, eBay Items, Toys, Projects, Art Work, Decorations and More. Give us a call and tell us about your project. If it fits in our workshop, we can refinish it.

A hassle free service with years of experience

If you have bought second hand parts for your vehicle and need them repairing, painting or modifying, you can send them to us, before you receive and fit them. 

If you have an item that is the wrong colour for your application, whether it’s 8 kitchen cabinet doors, or a replacement wing mirror cover for your car, we can help.

Have you created a piece of art or fabricated a piece of furniture and want that professional finish, then don’t hesitate to call us.

Workshop Services

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Postal Service

Modification & Welding


Happy Customers

“Hassle-free and stremlined process. Couldn’t be more happy with the results from the guys at The Surface Workshop.”

Joel Marshall, Bury

“I found The Surface Workshop to be the most competitive on price in the local Bury area and am so happy with the end result.”

Jane Sullivan, Manchester

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